We are one of Asia's earliest Haskell consultants

Haskell lets you
build great software,
go to market faster,
iterate without breaking things,
solve massive problems at scale


Haskell is a functional programming language used by giants such as Facebook, Standard Chartered, Barclays, AT&T, just to name a few, to solve problems that pose massive challenges to these organizations. Functional programming is the new paradigm in software development and the tech world is moving towards it. ByteAlly is a leader in Haskell consulting and one of the very few companies based out of Asia to provide development services in Haskell. We can build web applications, custom software, automate business processes, provide Haskell training and build mission critical solutions in Haskell. We have made several contributions to the Haskell world by open sourcing our efforts as libraries and frameworks.

Things we can build for you in Haskell

Tools we have created in Haskell


Our WAI based framework to build Web APIs that are type-safe. WebAPI ensures your APIs return the right response, automate error handling


A simple & powerful query language to build enterprise grade APIs that are powerful yet in relatively shorter time frame, saving you from development cost, production issues


DBRecord is a library to model your relational database in a fully type safe, unopinionated manner using Haskell.


Build multi-platform apps with one single API


A tool to generate UI for visualizing and interacting with HTTP APIs, all generated just from a contract.

Reflex IndexedDB

A reflex haskell library to interface with indexedDB.

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