End-to-End visibility blockchain platform

Seamlessly integrate with your existing EDI, ERP, WMS, TMS, IOT

Without tearing down your existing infrastructure , you can:

Without tearing down your existing infrastructure , you can:

Integrate data from your ERP, WMS, TMS, EDIs to form end-to-end visibility

Invite your trading partners to form a larger picture of your supply chain

Monitor issues across the entire supply chain

Interchange is the quickest way to integrate data across multiple systems on blockchain

No need to replace existing systems

Plugin Interchange to transmit data from your existing systems to blockchain

Bring in end-to-end visiblity

Why do you need interchange

Most companies have already invested heavily in their EDI, ERP, WMS systems.Problem is, data is split across these multiple systems denying your organization an easy to consume , end to end view of critical events happening across your supply chain.

Interchange is the easiest and seamless way to connect data across all systems on blockchain, empowering you with end to end visibility and pro-active error monitoring

Our design principles

Interchange is non-invasive
No replacement of existing systems needed
Complement existing systems

Standards & systems supported

Interchange support almost all EDI standards and is designed to be systems agnostic, meaning it can connect with any ERP, 3PL, TMS softwares


SAP Microsoft GP Infor Microsoft NAV Manhattan

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