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We are known for our innovation, speed, cost efficiency & being the best in the industry. More than half of IT projects fail and never see the light of day for various reasons. Budget, lack of execution in terms of project management, or poorly written code. ByteAlly's founding team is made of entrepreneurs who started building products very early in their careers. They built the first online ordering system for Domino's Pizza in India, built a famous and loved web client for Instagram called Extragram, and built several products for startups and enterprises from scratch. In the process, we have sharpened our technologies, tools, the methodologies, and, most importantly, our strategy on the kind of people we hire.

We exist to create great software, solve hard problems that you face. Be it delighting your customers or trailblazing new paths or making giant leaps in your industry to beat the competition; we are your IT war plan.


Karthikeyan Mani

Founder & CEO

Karthikeyan is the founder and CEO of ByteAlly. He started the company straight out of college in his study room and worked with his team to turn it into a successful I.T. start-up in Chennai. He has been able to build a high-performing, customer-focused, reliable team around him, focused on delivering results steadfastly. Along this journey, he has led and delivered I.T. solutions for SMEs and large enterprises in the Supply Chain, Human Resources, Consumer Services sectors. A member of the Forbes Technology Council, he writes articles for Forbes and other tech magazines.

Magesh Balakrishnan

Co-founder & CTO

Magesh is responsible for numerous innovations ByteAlly has delivered. A thought-leader in the field of functional programming and Haskell programming, he is the creator of TypeQL, a query language he built at ByteAlly. He has created several open-source libraries in Haskell ranging from Workflow software to trans-compilers. He is primarily responsible for setting our vision on technology and executing them.

Ilayabasu C

Co-founder & Product Manager

Ilayabasu co-founded ByteAlly along with Karthikeyan straight out of college. A programmer by background with immense experience in building products ranging from consumer-facing applications to enterprise solutions. At ByteAlly, he leads the engineering efforts for a Cloud H.R. solution that is sold across the European market.

Sreenidhi Nair

Senior Software Engineer

A functional programmer with 7 years of experience in Haskell. At ByteAlly, Sree is responsible for innovations along with Magesh. He is the co-creator of TypeQL, a query language that allows developers to interact with different kinds of resources such as Databases, API, files, etc. The language has allowed ByteAlly to build enterprise-grade software with an incredible degree of stability at a much shorter time. Before TypeQL, Sree worked on FMap, a compiler converting Haskell code into code for the major platforms (iOS, Android, and Web). In his free time, he loves to tinker with fp languages and teach Haskell.

Rubini Priya

Delivery Manager

Rubini joined ByteAlly in 2017 as Delivery Manager, delivering projects for customers ranging from start-ups to medium-sized businesses to large enterprises. Currently, her area of focus is EDI and B2B integrations, and she helps enterprises plan, execute, and deliver EDI integrations. Rubini was previously a Consultant (I.T. Advisory) with KPMG, with close to 4 years of experience in areas covering Project and Portfolio Management, Master Data Management, Training and Change Management, and Business Development.

Tarun Kumar

Product Manager

Tarun is a full-stack developer with an incredible eye for detail when it comes to building software products. Fullstack developers are common, but rarely it is truly well done, especially on the User Interface side. He is a rare breed that gets it right, making him a very successful product developer. He has led and delivered products both for ByteAlly and our customers ranging from start-ups to enterprises.


we are always on the lookout for people who are driven, smart, tenacious, who can self-manage (We are not fond of managers). we love working with people who have well-thought-through solutions to problems. At ByteAlly, you are given the space to learn, work on problems that make you better, and we don't have hierarchies either. If this sounds like you and if you are into programming or sales or marketing, or  technical writing, please email us your resume to team@byteally.com


The journey has been incredibly great!

The decision to come on board the innovation train came naturally to me. The organization exuded positivity from the get-go; correspondingly, my motivations for joining ByteAlly nested in intangibles. Working remotely, in the midst of a pandemic, can be daunting, but I settled in with ease thanks to organizational consistency, clear goals, and inclusive culture.

The stimulus of a decentralized, collaborative work environment can be exhilarating. It means you get to voice your ideas free of inhibitions; teamwork casts a wider net on perspectives and flexibility reigns supreme in the scope of work. In hindsight, it also means strategic prowess, accountability, self-management, and initiation. In a nutshell, ownership of achievement correlates with self-conduct.

My new normal waged challenges at first, but gratuity soon followed suit working alongside comrades in a similar pursuit of “laissez-faire”.

- Aumiya Nasir, Senior Business Development Manager, Blockchain.

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