A software engineering team obsessed with state of the art engineering

Founded in 2010 & based out of Chennai, India, ByteAlly is a team of software developers, designers & product managers with 21 years of expertise between the founders with clients across US, Europe & India

We are known for our innovation, speed, cost efficiency & being the best in the industry.

More than half of IT projects fail and never see the light of day for various reasons. Budget, lack of execution in terms of project management or simply poorly written code. ByteAlly's founding team is made of entrepreneurs who started building products very early in their careers. They built the first online ordering system for Dominos in India, built a famous and loved web client for Instagram called Extragram and built several products for startups from scratch. In the process, we have sharpened our technologies, tools, the methodologies and most importantly our strategy on the kind of people we hire.

We exist to create great software, solve hard problems that you face. Be it delighting your customers or trailblazing new paths or making giant leaps in your industry to beat competition, we are your IT war plan.

Come, throw your challenge at us.


At ByteAlly, you are given the space to grow and manage yourself. There are no hierarchies and no one is your boss. As long as you are passionate about what you are doing, we can assure you that this is one of the best companies to work for.


We innovate tools that lets you launch great software, go to market faster, drastically cut cost


Our WAI based framework to build Web APIs that are type-safe. WebAPI ensures your APIs return the right response, automate error handling


A simple & powerful query language to build enterprise grade APIs that are powerful yet in relatively shorter time frame, saving you from development cost, production issues


DBRecord is a library to model your relational database in a fully type safe, unopinionated manner using Haskell.


Build multi-platform apps with one single API


A tool to generate UI for visualizing and interacting with HTTP APIs, all generated just from a contract.

Reflex IndexedDB

A reflex haskell library to interface with indexedDB.

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