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Food traceability using blockchain

Blockchain’s unique characteristics make it an ideal technology for implementing traceability. Here is why,

  • Decentralization

    Decentralization removes the power to create and modify data from a single organization and distributes that power to all the participants of the food chain. All transactions are registered through consensus. This enables organizations to trust each other with their data

  • Immutable data

    Data once entered in the blockchain can’t be tampered. Modifying data would require consensus of the majority of the participants - ensuring security for an organization from data tampering

  • Chronological

    Because data is immutable, even requests to append changes are recorded. Giving you the audit trail of what exactly happened and as it happened. - empowering participants with a complete trace of events

Food Categories

Traceability can be implemented across any value chain. But here are the most common ones we work with
  • Pork
  • Poultry
  • Fresh produce
  • Wine, Spirits & Alcohol

Benefits of Traceability

Applications of traceability

  • Food recall solutions protecting customers, reducing waste & damages
  • Empower consumer through mobility solutions allowing them to trace the journey of their products by simply scanning barcodes
  • Protect your brand by proving the safety & quality measures your products have gone through

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