GS1 EPCIS is a global
standard that enables
end-to-end visibility &
traceability in
your supply chain


EPCIS is a global GS1 Standard designed for organizations to share events happening inside their organization with participating organizations of a supply chain

Dimensions in an EPCIS Event

  • When

    The date and time of the event
  • What

    The products that are involved in the event
  • Where

    The location where the event occured
  • Why

    The business process of which the event is a part of

Industry Applications

We help organizations formulate strategies using GS1 EPCIS standard for enabling traceability and end-to-end visibility across several verticals
  • Food traceability
  • Pharma traceability
  • Industrial parts
  • Supply chain end-to-end

How we can help you



ByteAlly uses GS1 EPCIS standard in Interchange, an end to end visibility dashboard that connects data from EDI, WMS, ERPs

Tools & Open-source

Functional programming, type safety and tools/framework we build in-house for the enterprise grade software that doesn't break


WAI based framework to build Web APIs that are type-safe. WebAPI ensures your APIs return the right response. The framework also enables you to automate error handling


A simple & powerful query language to build enterprise grade APIs that are powerful. With TypeQL you can cut development time, cost and production issues.


DBRecord is a library to model your relational database in a fully type safe, unopinionated manner using Haskell.

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